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Relational Wellbeing Series

To gather people for community wellbeing and connection, this Series will provide regular opportunities to deepen into issues and topics to strengthen our relationships to ourselves, each other and the land.

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What the Relational Wellbeing Series is All About

Among the multiple intersecting crises we face as a species in these times, we are concerned with the decades long trends of declining social connection leading to what the Surgeon General is calling the "Epidemic of Loneliness." This series is meant to bring community together in relationship and learn theoretical and practice ways to strengthen our social fabric.

Sessions will include*:

April 20th - FREE Kick Off Open House - To connect and learn about the series

April 27th - Understanding Relationships in These Times - Framing Relational Wellbeing (Team)

May 11th - Deep Listening, Reflecting, and Staying Curious (Liberty)

May 25th - Non-Monogamy 101 (Andy)

June 1st - Rituals of Connection: Expressing Feelings and Needs (Liberty)

June 15th -  Relational Cooperation & Theories of Power (Ripple)

June 29th - Relationship Anarchy (Andy)

July - Queer Allyship Beyond Pride (Yes, there will be pronouns) (Liberty)

July - Beyond Colonial Binaries of Gender - Towards Gender Co-Liberation (Liberty)

August - September: Other topics will include cross-cultural communication, tending to grief, ethical land relationships, conflict facilitation, and more.

*Dates and topics subject to change as we have a wealth of knowledge and conversation emerging in the community.

No events at the moment

Values We Intend to Embody

Through this educational series, we intend to share the following values through educational experience, modeling and facilitation style.

Transforming a Culture of Domination &
Oppression towards
Healing Justice &

We acknowledge that systems of oppression have structured social power in our society, including government, economic systems, and social systems which all regulate and define our relationships. Capitalism co-arose alongside oppressive economic systems of extraction, such as the trans-atlantic slave trade and genocides perpetuated across the globe to secure resources meant for economic gain. An integral part of healing and creating justice in our relationships, towards collective liberation, is acknowledging the harm and working to undo oppressive norms personally, interpersonally and collectively.

Connection, Community, Belonging, Cooperation, Mutuality,


We believe that embodying these values are important part of building a culture of healing justice and liberation.


Knowing what these words means is one thing. To embody them and navigate them in action in our relationships - especially within conflict across difference - is entirely another thing.


The Relational Wellbeing series will provide opportunities for us to understand the meaning of these values, wrestle with the challenges in embodying them in various ways, and practice skills for navigating them when things get real.


We acknowledge the organic nature of life, relationships and learning. We will not have a prescription to fix our epidemic of social isolation or have a one-size-fits-all solution for the challenges that we each face. We honor the vast diversity in our positionalities, cultural experiences, access to resources and current circumstances.

In an effort to shift dynamics of the all-knowing teacher with the empty vessel of the receiving student, what liberation psychologist Paulo Freire calls the "Banking System of Education," we will share the insights that we do have in the moment with an openness to being changed by the experience.

We honor the co-creative nature of learning. We will each come into the room with wisdom to share and we intend to make space for the emergent life energy, the ah-ha moments, moments of connection, authentic feelings and struggle,  to flow through our sessions.

Self-determination, Choice

To transform a culture of domination and oppression and the trauma therein, we will strive to create an environment and teach principles that foster sovereignty, self-determination and choice.

One way we will embody this is through our curriculum and topics such as learning about feelings and needs, Polyamory 101 and Relationship Anarchy.

Another way is through our series design. Each session is a drop-in fee, or if you're at the Fascia or Community Level Membership, all sessions are included, so you can choose which sessions are most relevant to you and your learning.

Get CONNECTed. Become a member and get perks, including session recordings and/or
Relational Wellbeing Session included

Learn More in the recent blog post and video podcast.

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