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Meet Liberty


Liberty Gonzalez M.A. (They/Them) is a genderqueer creative change maker who is committed to collective liberation. As a certified mindful facilitator, certified life coach, and master of liberatory community psychology, Liberty is currently pursuing a PhD with a focus in liberation for gender nonconforming parents. Their experience as a non-binary parent and training in empathic conflict facilitation uniquely positions them to host challenging and generative conversations that empower community connection & bring the unspoken to light.

Liberty knows that deep down, connection heals. Whether it is connection to the self, to creative source, community or nature, reconnection to life is central to collective liberation. There are infinite possible strategies to bring each of us into relationship with our liberation and creativity, and it's Liberty's intention to help facilitate each partnered individual, team or organization to find their own paths and the tools to realize their dreams.

In addition to being the founder of Awakening Creatives, Liberty is parent to a sweet soul, Rhythm, as well as two dogs, three cats and two rabbits. Liberty enjoys spending time in nature, singing with groups of people and watercolor painting.

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Awakening Creatives

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Awakening Creatives LLC, a queer led company that engages in co-liberation with change creators through coaching, training & consulting to cultivate empathic communication, humanizing relationships & holistic wellbeing for more thriving communities.


Awakening Creatives consultants achieve greater community liberation and thriving by facilitating the following:

  • Organizational DEI

    • Consulting

    • Coaching

    • Training

  • 1-on-1 professional coaching supporting:

    • Liberatory leadership

    • Communication

    • LGBTQ+ competence

    • Holistic wellbeing for change creators

  • Group coaching programs

  • Creativity cultivation gatherings

  • Education for liberation:

    • Mindful conflict facilitation & Empathic Communication Across Difference

    • Cultivating Empathic Self-Connection

    • Meditation for somatic presencing, connection & wellbeing

    • Project & business cultivation programs centering natural creative wisdom


Liberty is open to new aligned opportunities. Let's connect.

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