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Meet Dakota Gonzalez LMT (They/Them, He/Him)

Dakota Gonzalez LMT is the owner and lead therapist of Centered Flow Therapeutics, a myofascial specialist and wellness educator with over 9 years of experience using a mixed modality approach that utilizes rhythmic and oscillatory motions as well as empathic communication skills facilitate deeper releases and states of relaxation during treatments. 


Dakota also implements from the many modalities studied over the years and their knowledge of the Anatomy Trains model of human movement and how the body holds tension in the fascia in relation to stresses and trauma to customize each treatment plan for every individuals uniqueness.

At CONNECT Dakota will be bringing myofascial unwinding and other facilitated movement classes, advanced myofascial release technique workshops and practice groups for care providers, fascia education for personal empowerment, flow arts (poi)classes and workshops, as well as hosting events that bring community connection around the solar and lunar cycles.

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Centered Flow Therapeutics


Reach out if you have and questions about what I do or are in need of treatment and are in financial hardship. I would love to work something out to get you the help you need!

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