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Massage Services

Check out the massage services offered by our two massage therapists: Andy Prescott of Triangle Wellness Collective and Dakota Gonzalez of Centered Flow Therapeutics! 

A portrait of Andy Prescott, who has short cropped hair and beard, colorful glasses, and a big smile.

Triangle Wellness Bodywork

It is Andy Prescott's (he/him) mission to help all people feel better in their bodies, whether that's recovery from an injury, or holding compassionate space for people to receive care for their bodies and spirit, every body is welcome to receive care on my table. 


Modalities Include:  hot stone massage, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, reiki, sound healing, and more! 

Centered Flow Therapeutics

Dakota has been dedicated to helping folks manage pain and find relief in many situations for over 10 years.

 While specializing in advanced Myofascial Release techniques, Dakota implements from the many modalities studied and their knowledge of how the body holds tension in the fascial system in relation to stress and trauma.

Modalities include: 

Rhythmic Myofascial Release, and other Myofascial techniques 

Craniosacral Therapy

Deep tissue and Deep Touch Technique

Swedish Massage 

Lymphatic Facilitation


Traditional Reflexology

Prenatal and Post partum care

A portrait of Dakota Gonzalez, who has curly blonde hair and goatee, a blue shirt and a big smile.
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