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The CONNECT Crew is a talented team of community healers, facilitators and body workers who are prepared to serve groups in a variety of ways inside and outside of the center. We partner with values-aligned businesses, agencies and organizations to uplift your visions for communal wellbeing.


Submit an inquiry and learn more about our process for engaging new collaborations below.

The CONNECT Center is
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Space Rental Info

Info About Hosting Offerings & Space Rental

CONNECT is moving to a seasonal programming calendar! This means that we will be accepting and responding to inquiries on the following schedule:

Early Spring:

  • Inquiries due - Jan. 28th

  • Invitation for interviews - Jan. 30th

  • Season starts - March 18th

Late Spring:

  • Inquiries due - Feb. 21st

  • Invitation for interviews - Feb. 23rd

  • Season starts - April 22nd


  • Inquiries due - April 24th

  • Invitation for interviews - April 26th

  • Season starts - June 17th

Autumn: TBA

Additional Info About the Space

The CONNECT group space can accommodate up to 10 mats - or - 30 chairs + floor seating.

Mats, blocks, bolsters, blankets and straps available.

There are two private treatment rooms available with limited availability.

The entire center can be rented (also limited availability).

There is 1 single, lockable gender neutral bathroom and a kitchenette with shoe storage area available to all spaces.

There is a ramp to the front door.

CONNECT hosts registration & contributes to promotion:

  • 60/40 split of profits (60% to practitioner)

  • - or - $50/hour (group space only)

Practitioner/community member hosts registration & is responsible for promotion

  • Group Space Only - $50/hour

  • Private rooms & whole CONNECT Center - submit an inquiry

Private Treatment Room Space

  • The "Chime Room" is currently open for regular use Monday, Wednesday and Friday until 2pm, select Saturday times and all day Sundays.

  • Flexible workspace with private office space, bodywork table and chairs available.

  • Please submit an inquiry for pricing

For all other situations or if you're unsure where you fit in, include a description in your inquiry.

For additional questions, please email

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