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What is CONNECT? 

A space in Tower Grove Heights to connect to life, ourselves, each other, and the land where we gather. A space to connect to wellbeing.

Statement of Intention

We intend to engage people in St. Louis to facilitate containers for connecting to life, ourselves, each other, and the land where we gather. We mobilize our collective brilliance, resources and modalities to facilitate this connection through hosting practitioners and organizations that offer practices such as trauma-informed therapeutic bodywork, energy work, sound healing, transformational coaching, meditation, movement, empowerment education and community gatherings. 


Vision Statement

We imagine a world that values the healing and thriving of queer people and the intersectionality of marginalized communities. This is a world where people have access to the support, healing services, knowledge and power that they need to create an abundant, connected, creative life free from oppression and physical pain.

Land Acknowledgement and contribution

"We respectfully acknowledge that we are on the traditional, ancestral lands of the Osage Nation. The process of knowing and acknowledging the land we stand on is a way of honoring and expressing gratitude for the ancestral Osage people who were on this land before us.” 

--Land Acknowledgment prescribed by The Osage Nation

We, as an organization at CONNECT Community Center for Wellbeing, commit to donating to local indigenous non-profits as a thank you to the land that supports us. The form that this takes is an ongoing conversation amongst ourselves and our collaborators.

Meet the Team

Our team is skilled, passionate and excited to engage the community in meaningful connection for collective wellbeing through our various modalities.

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