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Join our queer hearts at a chill meet-and-greet event with a sampling of informational talks and experiential demos from queer wellness practitioners. Meet counselors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, creatives, and other queer practitioners, and learn more about their services; all in a queer-owned community space! Stay for the whole day, or pop in for the segments that interest you. Our schedule  for the day can be found below.

This years event will include resources for care, practitioner information, and small offerings that give you a chance to learn a bit more about how we show up in health and wellness for you.

In addition to all of this we encourage you to engage with us through a fun scavenger hunt that will invite curiosity with an opportunity to win avariety of prizes!


This event does not require monetary exchange; rather, curiosity and engagement with community. We are so excited to gather with community in this way and hope to see you at the event!

This Year's Practitioners Include

Dr. Monica Brown,

Classical East Asian Medicine,
Acupuncture, & Herbal Medicine

@dr.monicabrown  |


Carrie Burnett, LMT

Massage & Somatic Experiencing



Deanna Sophia Danger

Meditation & Wellbeing Coach,
Dharma Teacher

@deannadanger  |


Andrea Gutiérrez-Glik, LCSW

Queer, EMDR Certified
Trauma Therapist

@somaticwitch  |


Em Holmead

Alchemical Artistic Healer
& Shadow Worker

@bigredmoonalchemy  |


Melissa Johanning, LMT

@connected.bodyworkstl  |


Kay Lyle, Manicule Studio
Hands-on Creative Workshops 

@manicule_studio  |

Queer ExPressions at Connect

Eileen 'Remedy' Cheong,

Art Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Mindfulness and Movement teacher, Founder of Elemental Integrated Healing Arts Designs

@remedy_inks  |

Social Dreaming at Connect

Anna Ross, LMT

Divination, Astrology, & Witch Services

@felixidocious  |  Self-Love Workshop

Dr. Kade Stotler, DACM, L.Ac

Accupuncture Medicine

Rachel Tate, LMT

Integrative Bodywork &
Somatic Practices

@earthbodysomatics  |

Aria Thome

Sound Healer & Reiki Master

Individual & couples sessions

@aria_sound_108  |

Queer Song Circle at Connect

Tunde J.O.

Transformational Coach

STARLING Collective Healer

Health & Accessibility Considerations

As we will be in a small enclosed space, we do request masking take place at all times while indoors. Please take care of your self and community and stay home if you are symptomatic.

 Ramp and set of steps leading up to main entrance

Street parking is located (but not guaranteed) near building on Gustine

 Public gender neutral restroom is available

 Standing, chair and floor seating available

 Shoes may remain on while indoors, though you are welcome to take your  shoes off and store in available cubbies

 There are few artificial scents within the space, though we cannot control what people wear

 Self serve tea station and water provided

Please feel free to come for the whole day of demos, or drop in for the offerings that interest you most!
9:30 am

9:40 am

9:50 am

10:00 am

10:30 am

10:45 am

11:15 am

11:45 am

12:15 pm

12:45 pm

1:15 pm

1:45 pm

2:15 pm
Opening and landing practice with Rachel & Monica

Earseeds demo with Kade & Monica

Printmaking demo with Kay 

Grounding & Resourcing guided meditation with Deanna Danger

Safe Touch Demo with Carrie Burnett

Art Therapy Q&A with Remedy Cheong

Mat-based Barefoot Massage demo with Melissa Johanning

Demo with Tunde J.O.

Sound Bath with Aria Thome

Q&A with Andrea Gutiérrez-Glik

“Embodying Alignment and Accountability of Self” Meditation with Em Holmead

Demo on how to Energetically Cut Cords with Anna Ross

Closing and Reflection with Rachel & Monica
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