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CONNECTed Ecstatic Dance: Love Embodied

"Love Embodied," is an ethereal and stirring ecstatic dance playlist that takes you on a journey from the expansive possibilities of universal love through the diversity of textures and terrains of all facets of love. Whether it's self love, love of your ancestors, the earth... whatever it means to you, you can dance with it! The playlist starts off with a mysterious and musing temple step track, moving through the swelling entry into the Love Dimension with Beautiful Chorus. As the music progresses, it slowly moves through anticipatory tensions and burning passions, building into a crescendo of cosmic disco love and ecstatic instrumental from artists like Claptone, Jason Mraz and Jungle4eva, cooling down with sensual and eclectic artists such as Faze-O, GreenTea Peng, Joomanji and Sault. Prepare to be cracked open and warmed to the possibilities of love within and without through "Love Embodied".

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